Cold & Flu Season

From the Diocese of Burlington:  Sign of Peace & Communion from the Cup During Cold & Flu Season  The Sign of Peace has been an integral and valued part of the worship of the church for centuries in the form of a kiss of peace or handshake. As we enter this cold and flu season, it is important to recognize that some people are especially susceptible to the viruses that can be spread by contact and that some immune systems are very sensitive. Please understand that some people may choose not to shake hands during the Sign of Peace, but might simply greet you with a smile. 

Also, please use common sense and good judgment concerning Mass attendance if you are ill. If you do decide to come to church for Mass, please remember that frequent and thorough hand-washing, refraining from physical contact during the Sign of Peace, and refraining from receiving communion from the Chalice can help prevent the spread of germs.

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